New blog address:

19 04 2007

Now that I have set up a hosted blog (via BlueHost) – all new posts will be at: (and soon after-

I will also be setting up a new feedburner link – and trying to get this address pointed at the new URL…

Goodbye old grey and white template…

The new blog is titled: “Dark Enough to See the Stars”- taken from Dr. King’s final speech – I’ve been to the Mountaintop – in which he declares his thanks for living in the current day (1950s-60s) – that despite ‘the world being sick’ – that ‘somehow I know that only when it is dark enough, can we see the stars.’

Given the current tone of today’s darkness around the world-  I find his perspective of hope and moving forward relevant today…

Listen to his full speech here.. Link via




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22 12 2008

I would like to reach Garry Golden – have been trying to find an email address – to invite him to be a keynote speaker at a symposium late next year (October or November). The symposium is to cap the celebrations surrounding the 350th anniversary of Norwich, CT, USA.

The courtesy of a reply will be much appreciated.

9 04 2016

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